For Authors

Evergreen Press Submission Guidelines

The following genres of books are appropriate for submission to Evergreen Press. Non-fiction: Christian living, family and parenting, personal growth. business and finances, humor and pets, kids picture books and youth books, devotional and prayer, health and fitness, and recovery. Fiction: allegories, historical, fantasy and science fiction, mysteries, romance, and youth. Evergreen Press publishes books that are practical, biblical, relevant, positive and uplifting. We do not publish books that are sectarian, divisive, or judgemental.

If your manuscript is primarily poetry, an autobiography, curriculum, or scholarly teaching, it may be appropriate for publishing under one of our other imprints.

Gazelle Press Submission Guidelines

A variety of genres are appropriate for publication under Gazelle Press: Christian living, fiction, autobiographies, teaching materials, kids books, poetry, and much more. Authors interested in publication by Gazelle Press need to consider these questions: Does your book provide solutions to the problems people face today? Does it identify what God is doing and saying? Does it encourage believers to find their purpose and exercise their gifts? Does it promote love among believers and compassion toward the lost? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we want to hear from you.

Axiom Press Submission Guidelines

At Axiom Press “The expertise of traditional publishing meets the challenges of today’s emerging authors!” Our goal is to provide both novice and veteran authors with resources to make book publishing a pleasant and rewarding experience. Our primary focus is short-run book publication. Whether you need 100 copies to test a new book idea, or a few hundred copies to get an old title back in print, Axiom Press is here to serve you. Axiom Press publishes a variety of genres that meet our Editorial Guidelines. Email us for a copy of the guidelines.

RevPress Submission Guidelines

RevPress was designed to edify, empower, and equip people serving in church leadership roles. The goal of RevPress is to change the Church by challenging its leaders. RevPress books emphasize that leaders set the pace for the flock. A leader can’t take the flock any further spiritually than they have gone themselves. They must bear fruit in their own lives for there to be fruit in the Church. Fruit begets fruit. RevPress helps leaders to be people of integrity, faith, character, vision, courage, sensitivity, purity, and compassion, with servants’ hearts.

General Guidelines, All Imprints

You may submit a completed manuscript, comprehensive proposal, or query letter. If your book needs to be ghostwritten, please submit copies of taped messages and/or project outline/notes with a one-page summary.

We accept both PC and Mac compatible files in Word, Word Perfect, and other popular file types. Electronic files should be sent on CD or via email to We also accept hardcopy submissions. Hardcopies should be double spaced on 8.5″ x 11″ paper and pages must be numbered. Previously published/printed books may also be sent. Mail to the address in the sidebar.

Text pages should have at least a 1 inch margin on all four sides. Front matter should be numbered with Roman numerals. Do not use hard returns to double space text. Rather use additional line spacing. Use only one space after each sentence.

Click this link to view and download an Author & Book Submission Form. Your manuscript submission will go more smoothly and quickly if you use the form.