Shattered Innocence

A true story of sexual abuse, its aftermath, and recovery

Kelly’s story exposes the devastating horror of childhood sexual abuse & its aftermath. It also offers survivors a ray of hope through healing and recovery!

Innocence once lost can never be regained, but is it possible for a survivor of childhood sexual abuse to experience a normal, happy life? Kelly Vates says, “Yes!” in spite of years of degrading abuse and the aftermath of addictions, abortion, attempted suicide, and failed relationships. With courageous honesty, Kelly reveals the horrifying events that shattered her own innocence and exposes her inner pain and turmoil. But thankfully, her story doesn’t end there.

Kelly opens her journals and her heart so that anyone who has ever experienced abuse can find the path to hope, healing, and recovery. Yes, “happily ever after” really is possible when you know where to look for it.

Shattered Innocence, Evergreen Press, Christian Life / Recovery, ISBN 1581690665, 160 pages, PB, $9.99. Buy from CBD. Buy from Amazon.

About Kelly Vates

Kelly Vates is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. She has appeared on national television several times and speaks to various women’s groups about recovery. Kelly and her husband Joe have three beautiful children, Erika, Jeremy, and Emily. They live happily in a big old house with a picket fence with their dog and cat in northern Indiana.