The Landscaper’s Secret

The Landscaper has a secret…

an ancient secret that will take you on an extraordinary adventure! You’re invited to enter a secret garden—a landscape of unlimited proportions. It’s a place where ordinary becomes extraordinary—and miracles, large and small, happen. You’ll enter this garden through an unassuming gate. It’s the one that was opened to the Landscaper some years ago. Inside you’ll discover the secret—if you will pay the price!

The 46 true stories you’re about to read will impact you with the force of a parable—stories like “A Shovel and Me,” “A Girl Named Dalexia,” “The Rich Texan,” and “Three Hundred Ice Cream Cones.”

“John Gordon’s book is filled with story after story of God working in ordinary peoples lives. Like John we just have to open our eyes and ears to the powerful messages. This book is truly a blessing.”
—Debra Shantz Hart, Fmr. Sr. VP and General Counsel, John Q Hammons Hotels and Resorts

“John Gordon is the real thing! It’s been my privilege to know him for a number of years. If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, what he has to say will resonate with your spirit.”
—Robert Strand, best-selling author

The Landscaper’s Secret, Evergreen Press, Christian Life/Spiritual Growth, ISBN 9781581693300, 170 pages, $12.99. Buy from CBD. Buy from Amazon.

About John Gordon

john-gordonJohn Gordon has been a landscaper for almost 25 years. Spending time with the Lord early in the morning has become his passion. John is an ardent student of the Bible. His love for the Word and his easygoing personality have made him a mentor to many. John has lived in Springfield, MO for more than 35 years with his wife, Brenda. They have two children, Chris and Jenny, a son-in-law, Ben, and a daughter-in-law, Emma. He has two grandchildren, Skylar and Tristan. Visit John’s Facebook page.