The Revelation Project

The mysteries of Revelation will come alive!

Does the book of Revelation intimidate you? Do you avoid reading it because you don’t understand its symbols and metaphors? The first 65 books of the Bible uplift and encourage readers, so why would the last book be any different?

John Stanko is a pastor and Bible teacher whose New Testament studies have impacted many around the world. In The Revelation Project, John tackles one of its toughest books, taking the mystery out of what has become a complicated approach to Revelation. Examining what the book meant to the early churches to which it was sent, he presents a verse-by-verse study that exalts the Lord Jesus Christ as King over all philosophies, dictators, and false gods.

By uncovering its significance to early believers, The Revelation Project provides valuable lessons for modern readers as well. It reclaims the last book as one of wonder and victory that will enhance your devotional life and improve your understanding not only of Revelation, but of the entire Bible as well.

Whether you read one study every week for a year, or choose to go more slowly or more quickly, The Revelation Project is a book that will give you confidence that God’s mysteries are not mysteries at all, but subtle truths He wants you to understand for your everyday life and work.

The Revelation Project, Evergreen Press, RELIGION / Biblical Commentary / New Testament, ISBN 9781581693539, 288 pages, PB, $19.99. Buy from CBD. Buy from Amazon.

About John W. Stanko

john-stankoJohn W. Stanko holds an M.A. in economics and is working on his Doctor of Ministry. For more than 20 years he has consulted with business, educational, and religious leaders the world over. He is the author of ten books, including So Many Leaders, So Little LeadershipA Daily Dose of Proverbs, and The Faith Files: The Gospels. John and his wife Kathryn live in the Pittsburgh, PA area where he serves as administrative pastor at Allegheny Center Alliance Church. Visit John’s website.