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Robert Strand

ROBERT STRAND has 40+ years of pastoral experirnce. He’s the author of over 60 books—many bestsellers—and his “Moments to Give” series has sold over five million copies. A consummate storyteller, Robert knows how to blend the emotional impact of true stories with practical insights from his years of pastoral experience to produce breakthrough results. He and his wife Donna live in Springfield, Missouri and have four children and eight grandchildren.

Breaking Generational Curses

Lives will change forever when you break the power of generational curses!

There are many misconceptions today concerning family or generational curses. Some teach that a person’s guilt is genetically passed down to the third and fourth generation of one’s descendents. Another error has been that people think they not only inherit the sin nature of an ancestor, but also their accumulated guilt. They say this results in all kinds of dire consequences—poverty, shame, obesity, sickness, poor marriages, fear, lack of success, and on and on.

The truth is that we are not responsible for the sins of our forefathers and that we are not doomed to see them repeated in our lifestyle! So, why this book on generational curses? One reason is to re-affirm that the sacrifice of Jesus is sufficient to take care of our past or present. Another is to deal with negative “learned” behavior patterns. The bad influence that has been modeled can be broken and does not have to be repeated. Finally, this book takes us beyond any curse to enter into the joy, freedom, and power of the blessing!

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ISBN: 978-158169-286-0


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