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Dr. Clair Shaffer, Jr.

Dr. Clair Shaffer, Jr. was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania. While working his way through college, he raised a cat and began to appreciate all her quirks and delights. About 25 years ago, he took a temporary position as a pastor of two country churches and has been with them ever since. After reading numerous cat books, he decided that his cats, Taffy and Tiffany, lived as exciting a life as any he had read about and began to put their lively escapades down on paper.

Cats in the Parsonage

Taffy and Tiffany could warm your heart…or drive you to your knees!

When Taffy and Tiffany came into the parsonage, nothing was ever the same! These two little rascals have brought joy and delight into the lives of Clair and his wife, Brenda, as only two lovable kitties could. As the years have gone by, this country preacher and his wife have learned valuable lessons and enjoyed many hours of hilarity watching the antics of their two little furballs as they lovingly call them.

You’ll chuckle and you’ll be touched by their delightful stories, but above all you’ll discover the significance of Clair’s favorite verse, “Ask the animals and they will teach you” (Job 12:7).

Evergreen Press

ISBN: 978-158169-324-9


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