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Michael Hunter

Michael Hunter has been involved in teaching, music, and prophetic ministry for more than thirty years. He has been a member of the Christian Ministers Association of Canada since 1987, and he served as Senior Pastor for three years at Christian Believers Assembly in Vernon, BC. He presently functions as an associate pastor at Lake Country Life Center in British Columbia, Canada.

Dangerous Journey Home–A Prodigal Son’s Journey Back to Father God

The way back home to God is often a dangerous Journey. Prodigals know.

The prophet Hosea declared, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hos. 4:6). Sadly, the way to salvation that is preached throughout much of Christianity today is deficient, destroying people. It is “another gospel” and many are falling away because of it.

This is the story of one such man—one who fell away. It’s the story of the illegitimate son of a young immigrant woman who was on the run from her abusive husband. It’s about him growing up with PTSD, alcoholism, abuse, and family dysfunction. This same man thought he knew what God and Christianity were all about—yet he fell so far into sin that it destroyed everything in his life. Everything. He ended up in prison.

It’s also the story of how this same man finally realized that God exists and He truly loves us. It’s the story of a prodigal son hearing his true Father calling him to come back. It’s the story about one man’s journey home to Father God. It’s a true story and Michael Hunter is that man.

It’s time for Christian leaders to preach the Gospel that Jesus and His disciples preached. It’s the only Gospel that will keep God’s people on the path to salvation. It’s time to preach the true Gospel—before it’s too late!

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