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Earnestine Volrie

Earnestine Volrie, the author of three books, is a retired CPA. She’s a graduate of Rhema Correspondence Bible School. Currently, Volrie is a student at Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary.

Grieve With Hope–Not With Guilt

Are you stuck in grief mode?

Everyone goes through the grieving process differently. Some people bounce right back from the passing of their loved ones while it might take others a while to pull through this difficult time. We should take as much time as we need to heal, but God doesn’t want us to grieve forever. He wants us to trust Him and move on so we can do what He’s called us to do.

A widow shares important truths she learned and scriptures she has applied that have helped her heal and move forward. Regardless of what pain and suffering we are encountering today, she shows us how we can still rejoice and hope in the Lord.

Gazelle Press

ISBN: 978-1581696547


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