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Brian Banashak

Brian Banashak has pursued several career paths: seminarian, engineering student, graphic designer, outside salesman, associate pastor, school principal, businessman, and book publisher. He’s a loving husband, devoted father, and proud grandfather and great-grandfather. His wife of 51 years, Kathy, is his best friend—next to Jesus. He’s lived in Chicago and Dallas among other places, and now calls Mobile, AL home.

Two years ago, Brian launched The Book Experts (TBE) with his wife, Kathy. The purpose of TBE is to provide creative services such as editing, ghostwriting, book cover design, and book marketing materials for authors. TBE is now the primary provider of creative services for Evergreen Press.

Leadership Rocks!

Welcome to the wonderful world of parables, where none of the characters have names, every story has an insight, and amazing things happen! From tiny marbles, to bouncing rocks, to gigantic boulders, there’s something here for pastors, ministry leaders, and any Christian in a leadership role.

Some think these stories have a prophetic edge. We’re really not sure about that. One thing is for certain: you’ve never seen anything like them before.

Read these eight parables with an open mind and heart and see if God doesn’t speak to you through one of them.


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ISBN: 978-1581695939


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