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Gordon Brown, PhD

Gordon Brown has earned a PhD in Real Estate/Finance and has published articles in real estate and computer inventory management. He has operated diverse businesses and continues to consult in business matters and patents dealing with computers, accounting, printing, and gearing. He has taught at the college level in finance, real estate, and investments. He is married with eight adult children and lots of grandchildren. He believes the Bible to be the best economics primer ever written.

Money Wise: The Economics of Life

250 Money Proverbs That Can Empower You To Prosper!

Money Wise can help you manage both your finances and your approach to life at the same time. You’ll learn that money is made by those who serve others best. You’ll also learn that money is lost by those who serve only themselves. The economy of God doesn’t keep score in money terms, but you’ll learn how His economics prosper those who love Him. Money Wise values the “wise” over the “money.” The objective of life is joy, not material wealth; therefore, the decisions you make along the way should result in joy whether wealth follows or not.

If you’re in financial distress, Money Wise can help you devise a way out of debt. If you’re very rich but not happy, Money Wise can help you use your riches to be happy. If you’re just treading water, Money Wise can help you find solid ground. But be prepared for change. Each of the 250 proverbs may require you to see finances in a different light. After you contemplate the wisdom presented, you’ll be more confident in acting differently toward your betterment and the betterment of others, because betterment is what God desires for us. He has plans to prosper you. You simply need to ask Him and then do as He instructs.

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