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Robert L. Gielow

ROBERT L. GIELOW holds a Master of Science degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from MIT. As part of a team at North American Aviation’s Space & Information Systems Division in California, he helped compute trajectories for Project Apollo, NASA’s manned, lunar landing program. In 1975 he co-founded Airflow Sciences Corporation, a company that specializes in the modeling of fluid flow and heat transfer using computer simulation. He retired from the company in 2002. He may be contacted at

Noah’s Flood–Birth of the Ice Age

A startling, new explanation of the Great Flood of Noah

In this meticulously researched book you will discover:

• How the waters of the Flood could have covered the world’s tallest mountain to a depth of more than 20 feet

• What the significance is of the water that was placed above the sky on Day Two

• Why evidence suggests that the ocean basins of the world were once empty

• What caused a perfectly uniform, non-zonal, spring-like climate in every part of the globe prior to the Flood

• What the springs of the great deep were and what caused them to burst forth at the time of the Flood

• Where the polar ice caps came from and the rate at which they have been melting for the past 4,300 years

• How the Grand Canyon and other geologic formations came to be

• Where the Garden of Eden and the lost city of Atlantis were located

• Why the roof of Noah’s ark stopped 18 inches short of its peak

• Why the patriarchs lived 10 times longer than we do

• How the genealogies of the Bible can be reconciled with the ages of the stars

• Why the Carbon14 dating procedure cannot be used to determine the ages of specimens that lived prior to the Flood

Axiom Press

ISBN: 978-1581693119


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