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Tom Donnan

Tom Donnan was pronounced clinically dead of a heart attack in February, 2006. But God wasn’t done with him, and He brought Tom back to the land of the living with a burden to see revival come to America. He frequently travels and ministers with Pastor Phillip Corbett. He’s married to Mary, and has five grandchildren.

Pastors and the Presence of God

Unclaimed Inheritance?

Pastors and the Presence of God contains the true stories of pastors who are experiencing the manifest presence and power of God. Some churches have seen moments of God’s visitation; this book is about His habitation. You too can experience His ongoing presence. Don’t let your inheritance go unclaimed!

In 2006, Tom was given a vision and led to connect with those who are seeking the presence of God. In his second book, Spiritual Housecleaning, he shared how he learned how to place his home and ministry under God’s protection. This prepared him for what God was about to do next in his life and the lives of those to whom he ministered.

“Tom is a man whom God is raising up in the Body that operates with very keen insight into the spiritual dimension.” —Phillip Corbett, author of Running With Your Second Wind and The Unseen Realm



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ISBN: 978-1581696295


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