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Boyd Brooks

Boyd Brooks has been in ministry over 30 years as a missionary and pastor. He’s been married 46 years and has three grown children and seven grandchildren. His family has been his greatest priority in life, and he has made helping families the center of his ministry. Boyd has a doctorate in psychology and is a licensed professional counselor. From his many years of counseling families, he has a wealth of experience to draw upon. His passion is to help young families by building strong marriages.

Responsive Parenting—Principles for Raising Healthy and Connected Kids

Parenting is a daunting task, especially if you’re young and inexperienced. Today many parents find themselves disconnected from their children and overwhelmed with a sense of helplessness. There are two basic approaches to parenting that can be used— reactive parenting and responsive parenting.

Reactive parenting, so prevalent in today’s society, is done in reaction to something, whether a whining child or a parent’s own anxiety. It is impulsive and produces poor results. As more and more young people reach adulthood without an adequate model of self-regulation and conflict resolution, the more visible this problem becomes.

On the other hand, Responsive Parenting, as described in Boyd’s book, is a principled approach to parenting. It emphasizes the importance of preparing children for adulthood. Responsive parenting is thoughtful and is in response to the child’s best interests. It takes the long view. It listens and clarifies. It apologizes and forgives. It is flexible and extends freedom with responsibility. It is accepting and affirming while being connected and supportive.

Boyd Brooks shows readers through easy to understand biblical principles how to build self-esteem and confidence in their children and help them discover who they were meant to be.

“GET the book. READ the book. APPLY the book. The results will be measurable today as well as tomorrow!” —Robert J. Strand, multiple best-selling author

“If you are a parent with growing children…it will help you be a better parent!” —Dr. George Wood, former General Superintendant, Assemblies of God

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