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Dr. FB Willis, CPL, BA, MEd, MBBS, PhD, FACSM

After an “unsurvivable” plane crash, Doc Willis earned both a Master’s degree and PhD in kinesiology before completing his Medical Degree (MBBS) in the British Commonwealth. He is a board certified holistic physician and a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine. Twelve years ago, Doc found himself to be obese at 40, due to hypothyroid secretion, and he designed this evidence-based, holistic, RightSizeTM program for a quick, permanent reduction of 45 lbs. Now he wants to empower your success story! You have nothing to lose but pounds and inches!

RightSize Weight Loss–Metabolism acceleration for easy weight loss without strenuous exercise or a rigid diet

Flexible options for easy weight loss to regain your RightSize!

Today we are seeing the greatest epidemic of obesity in history, and health care costs are soaring. Sixty-seven percent of the population in our country is overweight, and people are spending over $20 billion a year for weight loss. But it’s just not working. Do you want to permanently lose weight without strict diets, hours of exercise, dangerous drugs, or expensive surgery?

There’s good news! Doc Willis has designed the RightSize Weight LossTM program—a revolutionary, evidence-based protocol to help you become the beautiful person you always knew you were and help you stay in shape for a lifetime. His easy and flexible program has resulted in patients losing an average 37 pounds in 3 months with 75% maintaining their weight loss for over 5 years.

RightSize Weight LossTM will change your waistline with this flexible plan. Eat more often, use the 2-minute “energy surge” exercise before eating, and consume natural nutrition (earth foods) in a single-serving for the fastest digestion. This book gives you the exact, evidence-based, proven formulas that you can use in every situation and at any time to lose weight and clothing sizes quickly.

It’s not all our fault that we’re overweight, but it is our responsibility to remedy the situation and care for our bodies as a temple of God (1 Cor. 3:16). Together let’s achieve our RightSize and glorify God!


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ISBN: 978-1581696448


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