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Ian M. Davis

Ian M. Davis graduated with honors from the University of Saint Thomas in Houston with a focus in Psychology. At UST, he played in the 2013 NAIA National Tournament as a power forward for the Celts. He is currently in the second year of his MBA at TWU in Dallas, Texas. His powerful voice allowed him to serve as the keynote speaker at Windsor Village United Methodist Church’s T3 Health and Wellness Event. Additionally, he served as the opening speaker at the 41st Western Area Links Conference and the guest speaker at the League City Intermediate School athletic banquet as well as several other academic institutions.

The Power of Perspective–How a Shift in Your Thinking Can Change Your Life Forever

It’s a Game Changer!

“In sports, we often hear the term, ‘game changer.’ This book is just that. After reading this book, I assure you that you will find two things: yourself and your purpose!” —Thomas R. Williams, Worldwide public speaker, Author of Permission to Dream: I Can, I Will, I Did, Former NFL Linebacker and Four-Time Rose Bowl Champion

“Powerful yet humble, authoritative yet gentle, Mr. Davis offers practical scriptural insight that challenges you to reexamine your ways to fulfill dreams and commit to a life of victory.” —Lowell Rose, Cornerback, Miami Dolphins

“This gem of a book, based in Christianity, will help clarify your individual path to greatness no matter the loftiness of your goals. Through numerous examples, it conveys that what you want for your life and what God wants for your life are not mutually exclusive.” —Jolie Oliver, Actor, Director, Writer, Producer, Stand-Up Comic

“In life you will come across very few things that profoundly change you. For me, one of those things is this book. You will uncover a…deeply powerful message that will positively reshape everything that you believe about commitment and success.” —Bruce Davis II, Actor, Former NFL Linebacker, Super Bowl XLIII Champion, Two Time UCLA Football All-American

“We have people in our lives every day motivating us, but this book breaks down the faith aspect of being motivated. If you believe in yourself, do what you love, and only seek approval from God, He will order your steps. Great read.” —Aundre Dean, Rose Bowl Champion, Actor on E!’s Escape Club and Carter High Movie


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ISBN: 978-1581696271


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