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Sandra Querin

Sandra Querin was called at the age of nine to “prepare for the day” when she would preach the Good News. Although hampered by cystic fibrosis for 30 years, she pursued her education while working. She holds a master’s degree in business and a doctorate in law. Miraculously healed of her disease, she resigned her position as a college professor and became an ordained minister. She now travels throughout the U.S. and abroad, impacting communities with the Gospel. She has worked with Teen Challenge, YWAM, the Assemblies of God, Church of God, Baptist, Mennonite, Catholic, and Foursquare churches, among others. Untold numbers of salvations and miracles have been the result of her ministry. She has been married for more than 25 years and has two grown children.

The Prayer of Job

The Prayer of Job: “Lord, there is nothing, there is no one who compares to You. I humble myself before You. Search my heart and expose every motive and fear that hinders deeper fellowship with You. Help me to trust You through difficult trials, for they open my eyes and heart to see You as You really are! Lord, as for those who have come against me, I ask You to turn Your anger from them, forgive them, and bless them abundantly!”

What happens when people embrace The Prayer of Job and get honest with God? According to author, Sandra Querin, not only do they learn to pursue selfless living and gain a strong desire to please the Lord, they also get blessed: One woman was finally able to lose 85 pounds—in just five months. A man’s family had left him, but now they’ve been restored. Many have received job promotions. Churches have increased in size. Friendships have been miraculously restored!

But, The Prayer of Job is not just another book about how to get blessed. Rather it shows that we need to become people who bless others! Are you sick of all the troubles that have plagued you? Job was too! He wanted to be delivered just as badly as you. Read The Prayer of Job and learn the secret of Job’s restoration—and be set free!

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