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Dave Wernli

DAVE WERNLI grew up in Southern California with a solid biblical foundation. He was a software engineer for 25+ years when God crashed in on his nice, neat, analytical world and flipped it upside down.

His first book, Mixed Emotions: Bringing Balance to the Experience of God’s Presence, was released in 2014. He currently lives in Stafford, Virginia, with his family. Dave and his wife, Janet, help Christians who are stuck in brokenness live their God-given identity in wholeness through their website. Visit his site at:

True Self—Sexual Integrity out of Intimacy with the Living God

Illustrated by Shiloah Horn

“Our culture likes to think we have become wise in the area of sex, but we have mistaken familiarity with understanding. We are confused, thinking that sex equals love. How ironic, that in a sex-saturated society we are starving for intimacy. Looking for fulfillment and love, we give ourselves too casually away, and wind up empty and forlorn, impoverished rather than enriched.

“Wernli swims against the cultural currents of our day to invite the reader into a love relationship with the living God. His approach is powerful because it invites the reader into an understanding of what true intimacy is. Only out of the experience of intimacy with Jesus can we begin to understand and exercise sexual integrity in a way which honors God and frees us to be truly intimate with another.” —James H. Bethany, Founder and President, The Church Unchained: LukeNine1&2 Ministries


Evergreen Press

ISBN: 978-1581696288


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