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Kevin “Hurricane” Hudson

Kevin “Hurricane” Hudson began training in martial arts at the age of eight. At age 13 he decided he wanted to be a world champion kickboxer and dedicated his life to helping others become better through martial arts training. In 1994, he won the K.I.C.K. World Cruiserweight Kickboxing championship. That same year he also graduated from the University of South Carolina-Upstate, with a Business Management Degree. He recently earned his 7th Degree Black Belt under the Joe Lewis Fighting Systems. Kevin is active in his home church, Poplar Springs Baptist, where he teaches Sunday School and is active in the deacon ministry. He especially enjoys mission trips and loves using martial arts when ministering to kids and adults everywhere. Kevin and his lovely wife, Shannon, live in South Carolina with their three children. Find him on the web at and

You Can Hit the Mark–Discover How Persistence Overcomes Natural Talent

Persistence is greater than mere natural talent!

You Can Hit the Mark is an exciting read for those looking to enjoy an amazing journey as well as learn some simple tools to improve their life and relationships. In this book, you’ll discover strategies for improving your health, financial position, family life, and even your spiritual walk.

You Can Hit the Mark is a finely-woven story of a young man who began an activity as a child, which grew into a passion, then a way of life, and finally a profession. During his life’s journey he learned some valuable tools, which later had a profound impact on his adult life.

You Can Hit the Mark chronicles Hudson’s journey, starting with dreams inspired to dreams shattered, and ending with the same dream being tweaked to become exactly what it was meant to be.

This collage of colorful stories takes you through the highs and lows of a professional athlete’s life, through relationships forged to relationships lost. You’ll become engulfed in Kevin’s passion while he is unknowingly exposed to time-tested and proven principles, which seem to have been lost in this high tech, digital age. You will see that you too can hit the mark!


Evergreen Press

ISBN: 978-1581696264


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